I Have An Autistic Angel

by Noy
(Miami, FL)

I have a two-year-old princess. I remember the day I was told she had autism. It was devastating and very hard to get over, but we all do.

Its been a year since she was diagnosed. I truly whouldn't change anything in my life, not even my daughter's autism because I've leaned that "being different is not being less." And I believe this with all my heart.

Everyone should watch the movie "Temple Grandin," about an autistic girl. She has written books and much more. She helps parents to understand the way she sees and think in her autistic mind, so we can understand our angels.

This women has been my motivation in life with my only daughter. Thanks to her I've become a better friend, therapist and mother to my daugther.

I've learned that it's on me to teach and push her to do things to help her become independent. That's my #1 priority and goal.

If we as parents don't do it, nobody else will. Good luck to all the parents and God bless your little angels!

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