I Promise You This

by Tracy Anne Jeter
(Hot Springs Village, AR)

I promise you this:

With every step you take
I will hold your hand.
And together we will make
Your life a little brighter,
your smile a little bigger.
Cuz there's nothing we can't do
as long as we're together.

I promise you this:
You'll never be alone
Regardless of your age,
even if you're full grown.
I will cherish every moment.
I will cherish every day.
There is nothing we can't handle.
We will find the way.

I promise you this:
I will be your words
when you can't speak.
I will help with your work
when you feel too weak.
When difficult times come along
and you can't cope.
I don't want you to worry.
I'm always filled with hope.

I promise you this:
I will run your bath.
I will change your clothes.
I will make your meals,
for as long as God only knows.
I will be your shadow,
we will never part.
I wish you truly knew that you
have the biggest part of my heart.

I promise you this:
We will travel this road together.
Never knowing where it will turn.
I will hold your hand and walk with you.
and together we will learn.

I promise you this:
I have seen your smiles.
I have heard your cry.
Knowing deep inside,
we may never know why.
But God chose to bless us
and calls you our son
And with that, the battle against autism
is already half won.

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