I See But I Can't Feel

by Jennifer Rivera
(New Britain,CT)

I understand that he seems different but he seems normal to me.

People please go by what you feel and not by what you see.

My friend is nothing but a gift from up above.

But you make him feel so different like he's impossible to love.

I don't understand why you act the way you act?

If you were in his shoes would you be able to face the facts?

The fact that you have to live with something so difficult.

The way you act isn't new to us it's something so typical.

I can't tell you that I understand how he feels.

What I can tell you is that I hear what he hears.

What everyone says does matter and we do hear those chatters.

Walk a mile in his shoes and then tell us how you feel.

But then again you may not be able to deal with his wounds that just won't heal.

Well I love you just the way you are.

If you get to read this know it's from my heart!

I love you.

Love, Jennifer Rivera

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