If The World Could Fly

by Karen

If the world could fly;

Then so could I.
I would take you in my wings:
We would hear the what lies within.

I would let you see the colors;
You would share with me the rain;
We would come to understand each other;
We would feel each other's pain.

I would love you unconditionally;
I would love you without end.
I would learn to solve your problems;
You would learn to feel again.

I understand you love in your own way;
You cannot tell – you cannot say.
I am glad you are in my life and here you’ll stay;
I’ve learned to find the shades of gray.

I dry your tears and calm your fears;
I promise this through all the years.
I will stay by you until you're grown;
I will be your support until you’re on your own.

If that day never comes;
I will still be here until time is done.
I will be the one you can rely on;
I will be the one that you can count on.

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