I'll Wait

by Teresa Logan
(Ridgeland, MS)

Day after day, you walk into my classroom and go through your routine. You hang up your coat and backpack and put away your things.

Circle time and songs, social stories, exercise,
I smile and hold your hands though you never meet my eyes, but I'll wait.

I show you all the wonders of our world and try to find the one thing to awaken you and open up your mind.

No matter what I do, you're still so very far away. But I'm hoping that I'll find a way to bring you here one day.

Till then, I'll wait.

Some days are dark and troubled and your storms will rage within. On those days, I will hold you till the morning comes again,
And I'll wait.

When you leave me I will wonder if you'll remember I was here. Will you know how much I cared when I tried to calm your fears?

Will you ever come back to me and let me know that you care, too? I don't know if you'll remember now, but I know until you do,
I'll wait.

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