Imagine For One Moment

by Kris Rink
(Grant, MI)

Imagine for one moment, one small fraction of your life,

how it would feel to hear a sound so loud that your ears feel like they will explode.

Now imagine how it would feel to have a simple touch, a hug, a small token of affection, cause you excruciating physical pain.

Now, picture yourself being crushed by an uncontrollable crowd of people, feel the fear pulsing through your veins.

Now imagine that you try to call out for help, you open your mouth, and if you are really, really lucky, some sound will come out, but no words, because you can't speak!!

Now multiply this nightmare by ten, and you might understand a fraction of what our son lives every day!

Autism, the silent, invisible epidemic that is stealing our children and their futures from us while we watch in fear, helpless, with no way to do battle, because it evades all reasoning.

It is quiet, fast and all consuming. It has taken over all of our lives before we really even knew it was there.

Just imagine, one more time, for a moment, how it would feel, if you were the parent and this was your child we were talking about?

Is your heart breaking? Is your throat getting tight? Are tears burning your eyes? Is your stomach turning?

Are you thinking of the activities your child will never join? The holidays that he won't understand?

The graduation that you may never attend? The wedding you may never plan? The grandchildren you may never have?

How about who you trust enough to take care of your totally innocent child when you are gone?

These are all questions that we have asked, this is all just a small part of the nightmare we live every day.

We live, breath and dream Autism. It is the Hell that we cannot escape.

Unspoken Love

The world through my eyes,
Is different than yours.
Each day without words,
I ask you for more.
Your job is so tough,
Where should we start?
Close your eyes and listen,
to the laughter in my heart.
What can I give you,
To make you see,
The difference you make,
every day to me?
Open your eyes and see,
the smile I give you.
Take pride and know,
that you helped put it there too.

Written by K. Rink for Devon

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