Information on Autism

The information on autism presented here is a general overview, along with links to resources and other detailed information to help your autistic loved one.


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Information on Characteristics
of Autism

What is autism? A person with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) usually has problems interacting with people (may avoid or lack eye-contact, may not imitate others, may not point or use other hand gestures, may prefer to be alone, and may not understand social cues).

Characteristics of autism is a list of common symptoms or characteristics for autism that both children and adults may show in any combination, or degree of severity.

Red Flags are a number of symptoms or early signs of autism reported by parents which should be considered as need for further evaluation by pediatricians.

Problems that may accompany ASD are related syndromes or disorders which may occur in persons with autism.

Related Syndromes and Disorders in autism are conditions often referred to as being co-morbid, meaning they are distinct or separate medical or psychiatric diseases which may occur in some persons with autism spectrum disorder.

Autism Services Information

Autism Services There are General Standards of Care for Individuals with Autism Throughout the Lifespan. This page provides a list of autism services and supports which is expected persons living with autism will need throughout their lifetime.

Autism Aid What specific autism aid, supports and services are available for a child with autism? There are various types of autism aid available for your child. A few specific types of aid available in New York State are listed here, as each state varies in which services it provides to persons with a developmental disability.

Mental Health Services Locator The CMHS Mental Health Services Locator provides you with comprehensive information about mental health services and resources, which includes help for persons with developmental disabilities. You can access this information in several ways by selecting a State or U.S. Territory from the map or drop-down menu.

Developmental Disabilities Services Office offers a listing of DDSO offices in New York State which will provide individuals and families with information and make referrals to local service provider agencies, which provide specialized supports and services, i.e. Service Coordination, Medicaid Waivers and Respite.

Early intervention (EI) programs are services made available for children under three years of age, who have a developmental delay or a diagnosed physical or mental condition that has a high probability of resulting in a developmental delay.

Day Programs and Services for Adults with Autism offers information and resources to help you better understand the various types of day programs and services which may be available for adults with autism.

Residential Placement There are various types of residential placement options available for an individual with autism depending upon the level of care a person may need. This page also offers dozens of valid questions to help you select a residential service provider, as well as an agency interested in providing support and residential opportunity for your loved one.

Autism Social Security Benefits Parent tips on applying for Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability programs.

Autism Action Plan View our family's Autism Action Plan for ideas to help you plan lifetime care, supervision, protection and financial security for your loved one.

Information on Autism
and Adolescence

Autism and adolescence can be a time of stress and confusion; as it is for typically developing teens. Like all children, they need help in dealing with their budding sexuality.

Transition Planning

Transition planning is required by federal and state regulations before age 14 to help you and your child develop a transition plan to prepare a student to achieve adult life goals.

Information on Adults
with Autism

Adults with autism Here you will find information and resources to help your loved one prepare for daily and future planning.

Information on Autism
and Asperger Syndrome

Autism and Asperger Syndrome This list addresses the ways in which some of the basic symptomatology common to autism and Asperger Syndrome manifests itself differently in each of the disorders.

Information on Autism Therapy

Autism therapy helps our loved one achieve and maintain developmental skills, such as Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech, Auditory Integration Therapy and Vision Therapy.

Information on Autism
and Genes

Autism and genes At this point, scientists believe that the underlying cause of autism is genetic.

Information on Autism
Parent Support Groups

Autism Support Groups Accessing Parent Groups is a Parent Guide which may help you identify autism support groups that exist nationally, in your state and community. Also includes information on How to Start an Autism Support Group and autism support resources.

Information on Siblings of Children with Autism

Siblings of Children with Autism Needs and concerns of siblings of children with autism may often times be overlooked and as a result, go unaddressed. This page offers information, resources and practical ways to help us address siblings issues.

Information on Autism
Prevalence Rate

Autism Prevalence Rate A new study by the CDC shows autism affects as many as 1 in 88 children, and 1 in 54 boys (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention March, 2012). Find more disturbing statistics here.

Autism Alarm In 2004 an Autism A.L.A.R.M. sent out to pediatricians nationwide by several organizations including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reports 1 out of 6 children are diagnosed with a developmental disorder and/or behavioral problem.

Information on Autism and
Sensory Issues

Autism brushing protocol is used by our family and Occupational Therapists for our loved one as part of his "sensory diet" at home and at school.

Information on Sexuality and Autism

Sexuality and Autism Literature shows a good way to manage sexuality and autism is to teach autistic students sex education based on their individual functioning level. Research has found medication helps address unusual masturbation behaviors in persons with autism.

Information on Autism Legislation

Autism Legislation and action alerts. Tips for contacting your federal and state elected officials, the media, and more.

Autism Medical News

Autism Medical News - Get the latest on autism medical news and research studies to assist in the early diagnosis of autism and lead to more effective treatments for the disorder.

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology for Children With Autism is an article about the use of technology to improve the quality of life of people who have various developmental disabilities.

Assistive Technology Resources page shares a list of assistive technology resources, including links to learn more on augmentative and alternative communication and free, low-cost assistive technology.

For more information on autism check out our Autism Resources Directory.

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