It's Everyone Else's Fault But Her Own

by Lynn

My 16 almost 17 year old daughter has aspergers. I can't seem to help her see where when she talks to people, mainly her family... she is harsh, quick and mean tempered. She tells me she has no where in this world that she belongs, even at home.

She thinks her siblings HATE her... even though they tell her they love her and try to show it in so many ways. Many times, they go the extra mile to stay calm while she rants and goes off on them.

I can't help her see how to change what she is doing without offending her. She thinks our family is attacking her. I am really feeling like I am failing as a mother and most of all I am worried about her.

Life is only going to get harder. She has had it pretty hard at school. Kids have been so mean... and still are. She is amazingly talented and brilliant. But socially she just doesn't get things, especially communicating or joking. I feel so lost as a Mother, how to help her. Any info and/or advice on how to help her would be greatly appreciated.

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