by Jennifer Suarez
(New Jersey)

Jeiron and His Sister

Jeiron and His Sister

I would never deny Jeiron has autism;

he is so much more than a label.
He's a wonderful, sweet loving boy who gives us great happeniness.
Regardless of what people say he's just heaven's very special child.
Putting the pieces together one by one,
we could never say never to our precious little one.
Our lives have changed in many ways, and our love has deepened along our path.
Like a thief in the night, part of Jeiron was taken from our lives.
No more speaking you do, but I know you hear us calling you.
Look at me, sweetie my patience I offer, along with my hand.
What a mystery autism is to us. There is no map to follow or much history.
Like a puzzle we're putting the pieces together day by day.
Wondering if there's a cure or treatment. Each day I pray for one to happen.
Others look at you with different eyes, but only because they don't realize how special you and many like you are inside.
Only time will tell us how you'll grow.
We'll be here putting the pieces together one by one.
Jeiron you are our precious little angel from heaven

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