Joseph Hill (The Man)

by Tina Lynn Roach

My older brother Joseph has always been different from everyone else, but in the inside he is the same as everyone else. He lives with our dad's parents in Council Hill, where he has a good friend named Tanner.

Everyone else there knows him and love him and he loves everyone there too. And his friends never let other people tease him because he is autistic. They all love him and want to be like him. He hasn't met anyone that he didn't like.

This year he will turn 22-years-old and when he got out of school it broke his heart because he really loved going to school. He misses it a lot and wants to go back.

But now most of his friends are out of school and off in college and he doesn't get to see them. He looks forward to coming to my house and going to church to see some of his church friends that he has made, especially Desi and Keri who are the pastor's wife and daughter.

We all love him and can't wait to see him every time he comes. No matter what kind of day or week we've had he always brightens it up for us.

We love you Joseph, The Man.

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