Judge If You Want To

by Patricia Saunders

Go ahead and judge me. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking look at that child, he is way too old to scream like that.

I realize you think I am a bad parent. I know you think that my son should be able to sit quietly at the table. And not bother you at the next table while you eat at the restaurant.

I am aware that you look down on us as we take my son around in his special stroller. I am conscious of the fact that you think he should not flap around at his age. I realize that you think that I should not take my son out if I cannot control him.

There is one thing you must know.

I love my son and he has the same rights as anyone else. So unless you think your stares or glares are going to cure his autism leave us alone.

I want you to be aware of one more thing. People with autism do not judge. They do not play mental games, and they do not lie. Autistics take people at face value. What you see is what you get.
We could all learn something from them.

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