Kaitlyns Song

by Beth
(Ontario, Canada)

Kaitlyn & Mum

Kaitlyn & Mum

Freely she runs the breeze in her hair

In her young life she has not a care
Her words are few but her spirit is strong
She lives everyday like a beautiful song

The challenges we face with her each day
Make us wonder ... will we be okay?
What does she think? What’s in her mind?

We pray dear God could help us find
A way to help her live in this world
And even a cure for our Autistic girl

Then we look into her precious eyes
And know that her true beauty lies
In her soul, so loving so pure

Could it be us, that needs the cure
To understand to let her grow
In her own way and let her know
No matter what her life may bring
We will always give her the right to sing
Her beautiful song....

Written By Her Mum
in October, 2005

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