Living With Autism

by Dale Harris

Living with Autism is a hard thing to do,

There will be times when you’re sad lonely and blue.
Guaranteed are times when you will miss understand,
Or get upset when things don’t go as planned.

You will find it hard to explain how you feel,
Instead you will just sit, scream and squeal.
You will soon be putting your toys in size order,
People may point or laugh,
But they don’t know about this disorder.

You will at times give your mum and dad a fright,
With throwing things, pulling your hair
And maybe the occasional bite.

Your mum and dad just need to understand
You’re not quite like the others.
This doesn’t mean they will love you less
Than they do your sister or brothers.

Living with Autism is a hard thing to do,
I should know, because I live with it too.

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