National Mental
Health Organizations

Our Mental Health Resources page offers a listing of centers and programs to promote mental health,, prevent mental disorders and achieve victory over mental illness through advocacy, education, research and services.

A Family Guide to Mental Health: What You Need to Know, provides information for families dealing with mental illness including major depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. It is oriented specifically to African-Americans, with information about symptoms and treatment options as well as education and support programs for families.

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American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

The AACAP is the leading national professional medical association dedicated to treating and improving the quality of life for children, adolescents, and families affected by mental, behavioral, or developmental disorders.

The Association of Black Psychologists

The Association of Black Psychologists was founded in 1968 by a number of Black Psychologists from across the country. They united to actively address the serious problems facing Black Psychologists and the larger Black community. Guided by the principle of self determination, these psychologists set about building an institution through which they could address the long neglected needs of Black professionals. Their goal was to have a positive impact upon the mental health of the national Black community by means of planning, programs, services, training, and advocacy.

Association of Black Psychologists Listings by State

Some psychologists provide Special Education Assessment, Testing, Intelligence/IQ Measurements.

American Psychological Association's Consumer Help Center
(800) 964-2000


Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health
(703) 684-7710
Publications also available in Spanish


Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
(800) 826-3632


National Mental Health Association
2001 N. Beauregard Street, 12th Floor
Alexandria, VA 22311
(703) 684-7722
(800) 969-NMHA (6642)
(703) 684-5968 (fax)

Resource center and programs to promote mental health, prevent mental disorders and achieve victory over mental illness through advocacy, education, research and services.

National Mental Health Information Center
Publications available in Spanish
(800) 789-2647
(301) 443-9006
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The Center for Mental Health Services, Knowledge Exchange Network provides information and more than 600 publications on mental health through its website and toll-free telephone number (800) 789-2647.

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
Public Information and Communications Branch
6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 8184, MSC 9663
Bethesda, MD 20892-9663
301-443-4513 (local)
1-866-615-6464 (toll-free)
301-443-8431 (TTY)
1-866-415-8051 (TTY toll-free)

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
(800) 950-6264 (English/Spanish)

National Association for the Dually Diagnosed
(800) 331-5362

National Hopeline Network
(800) SUICIDE (784-2433) (English/Spanish)


Psychology Information Online

The National Directory of Psychologists provides contact information for psychologists in all fifty states in the USA, as well as psychologists located in Washington, DC.

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