by Gerard Sentochnik
(Islip, NY)

Child, I don't know the reason

why you aren't like the others
who can talk and laugh and learn
and play tag with their brothers.

You try and try and try;
it seems like nothing sticks
but then you do surprise us
and now you're almost six.

I'm here to tell you son
that I'll do anything it takes
to help you in this world
as I wait for you to wake.

Monsters under your bed
somehow have had their day.
I will drag them out
and send them far away.

Those childhood demons that we fear
are real for you my little man
worst fears realized, oh so near.
You can do anything, I know you can!

Child...things are going to get easier.
Things are going to get better.
Someday we'll look back on this
Like reading an old forgotten letter.

The words will be strange
and the sentences confusing.
We'll rip it up in pieces
and find it so amusing.

We'll laugh and talk and play
and your smile lights my eyes
and I'm loving every day
waiting for a new surprise.

Child...things are getting easier
Everyday things are getting better
I have dragged the Monsters out
and thrown them to the stars.
Never to be seen again.

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