My Morning Routine At Home
Part Two

My Morning Routine At Home Part Two is an original autism daily activity schedule that can also be used as a checklist to help a child learn necessary everyday hygiene skills independently.

My Morning Routine At Home Part Two

Use bathroom. Wash/Dry hands.

Brush teeth. Wash face and ears. I will need:
  • toothbrush

  • toothpaste

  • wash cloth

  • soap

  • towel (to dry hands)

  • Q-tips

  • wash and dry eye glasses (use tissue to dry them).

Brush hair. I will need:
  • hair brush

  • hair conditioner.
Rinse sink with water.

Wash and Dry hands.
Remember: Put all items away when done.
Put dirty Q-tips and tissues inside garbage can.

Get shoes in closet. Put them on.

Sit down for breakfast.

Take medicine and vitamins.

Get ready for school bus. I will need:
  • Backpack

  • Hoodie, Coat/Hat and Gloves

  • GameBoy

Remember: Check Lunch/Snack is inside Backpack.

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