Mother Of An Autistic 20-year-old Worries About His Future?

by Teresa
(Woodbridge, VA)

I am so frustrated! My son was diagnosed with autism at approximately 18-months-old. I have always been able to provide for him, until my recent divorce.

I have tried SSI and believe it or not in my po-dunk town the local state supported Dr. said he was cured, functioning well, and could do menial labor jobs.

Okay, so now I'm not only trying to choose from three jobs in the local paper, two of which you need a college degree, now it's narrowed down to one, not only for myself but for my autistic son.

To make a long story short, I packed up with my son and moved clear to the other side of the United States hoping for a much brighter future for us. And so far I have not had any luck with a job for myself or any programs or jobs for my son.

For every door I have tried to open where we are now I think five have shut. I am getting nowhere fast, and I need help!

All I want to do is help my son have a meaningful life. It makes me so sad that he has regressed to the point of sitting in his room talking and arguing with himself.

What can I do to help his future be a bright one? What do parents with autistic adult children do?

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