My Amazing Emily

by Isabel Krivan
(Pico Rivera, CA )

You have amazed many people, big and small.

At times, you are the one standing tall.
You've always had your own unique style.
Your gloves, your scarf, your great big smile.
You're always in your bright colorful poncho.
But never let me put your hair in a chongo.
Every morning you run with excitement to your swing.
Never knowing that you are the wind beneath my wings.
You've made many great memories here at l.m.e.
Friends, teachers and your extra special Lucy.
Thanks to M. Vasquez-Taylor, Ms. Johnson
And the unforgettable Ms. Chan.
Who have always encouraged you and believed that "you sure can."
They've taught you many things from
spelling, reading, math and Van Gogh.
With your active inquisitive mind, you're always on the go.
Remember to be positive and do your very best at l m.i.
And you will overcome the challenges and soar through the sky.
You've made me laugh, cry and sometimes scream out loud.
Then remind me the reason why I am so proud.
You are a special, funny, honest, unpredictable, artistic, challenging, knowledgeable, beautiful and amazing person.
You are Emily, my child, my life.
With the greatest love, Mom

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