Autism Poem: My Angelic Friend

My Angelic Friend is a heartwarming poem written by a young boy about his special friend made just for him in heaven.

My Angelic Friend

by Jimmy Phillips

One day God sent down a friend just for me
he is a special little man, he’s an Angel you can see.
He will make you smile, he will make you cry,
and he does it all with a twinkle in his eye.

He came to me one day while shopping in a store
asking me some questions, and we established a rapport.
His questions were simple and I was happy to oblige
as others were laughing I held my tears inside.

This little boy had a story, he was abandoned you see
I will never understand why, it’s still a mystery to me.
His mother no longer wanted her Angel from above
that God had sent to her with unparalleled love.

This friend that God gave me has a slight dilemma
autism, and his mother thought of him as a stigma.
The loss is her’s, she has no idea what she gave away
a child that only wanted love and she walked away.

So we became friends, this little man and I
who could make you smile by just looking in your eye.
I still see him occasionally, we’re never far apart
the Angel we call Ronnie, owns a piece of my heart.

I love you Ronnie and I always will..........

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