My Brother Is Autistic

by Emma Chloe Stubbs, Age 12
(Sunderland, UK)

My Lovely Little Brother, Mark

My Lovely Little Brother, Mark

My brother is autistic.

We find it very hard to communicate with him.
Even in the yard, he sometimes scratches or hits me.
Even though he isn’t mean.
For he doesn't understand how or what being “mean,” means.

My brother is autistic, even though we are not the same
And just because of that, no one really is to blame.

My brother is autistic and as special as can be.
I love him loads and cherish him.
He means the world to me.

My brother is autistic, and I would like to say
I try to be very patient when things don’t go his way.

Sometimes he wants to bounce when the weather is very bad.
Or maybe asks for soft play when things are planned for the day.
He sometimes throws a tantrum and can get so very angry.
He may end up throwing things.
Even hit you, scratch you or push you.

So this is from me to all, with someone in their family,
That has severe autism.
Please be calm and patient.
Never push them too far.
As they don’t see the world in the same eyes as we do.
Please try to be understanding, and enter their world too.

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