My Little Boy Lost

by K. Harvey

My little boy lost.

Mummy will always find you.
No matter what it takes.
You will always be reminded
how much you were wanted and loved and adored.
Even when you don't understand me.
I look in those big blue eyes.
Sometimes they look so vacant.
Then I see that glint where you come back to me and I know that you love me and I know I am loved,
even on the hardest of days.
The days where there is no understanding
there is no contentment.
I hope that me being proud and honoured
to be your mum is enough to see us both through.
You are my reason for being. You are my inspiration.
Your struggle through this world that is foreign to you makes Mummy want to fight for you more.
I make this commitment to you to make this world that is so crazy and strange make more sense to you.
Even if it means making the world a crazier but a more contented place for you to be.

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