My Little Brother Emlyn

by Lilly Clark
(Cardiff, Walse)

My Little Brother Emlyn

My Little Brother Emlyn

You may not understand him, or the way he feels today.

You may not understand his reasoning for things he does or says.
The reasons why he is so loud and say things over & over again.

Why do I run so differently?
Or lose my homework every now and then?
I write my letters backwards and sometimes numbers too.
And when in a conversation, I'll say "Guess what?"
1,000 times to you.

Too much noise, light, or excitement can set him in a spin.
He don't like the way these pants feel rubbing against his skin.

He trys to be good, but sometimes it's hard for him.
He has to do it, it's an impulse, he don't always do what he's told.

Ketchup, Ranch and brown sauce on everything he eats.
Sometimes he has days that he just can't sit still in his seat.

He likes to talk a lot even when it's out of turn.
His mind plays tricks on him and interrupts what he's trying to learn.

Sit up straight, wash his face, and play ever so nicely.
Some of these things he may have trouble with.
And he usually loses his trail of thought.

"I didn't mean hit the dog mum,
or slam the door so hard dad," he says in his mind.
Everyone else is getting things so right.
But he don't know where to start?

His heart's as big as the world, his feelings get hurt too you know.
He does get sad, cry and have bad days just like us.

His brain works differently than other girls and boys.
But one thing always holds true, he can give your life so much joy.

He gets frustrated so easily and his hand won't work that way.
I don't understand why those other kids
Won't let him come over and play.

Please don't think of my brother any differently.
Or love of him any less.
He's just like other kids and trying to do his very best.

My little brother Emlyn is very special in his own unique way.
And every moment with him I never have a dull day.

I love you so much Emlyn. Never let anyone get you down.
Just remember you are special and I love you in every single way.

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