My Little Man

by Ashley
(Fredericksburg, VA)

On my 21st birthday I found out you were on your way

It was a very mixed emotional day
I was nervous, excited, scared
And for what was ahead I wasn't prepared

I thought dirty diapers, sleepless nights, terrible two’s
You were my first, and oh yeah, what about the baby blues
The day you arrived all I could feel was love
You were so beautiful with your skin so soft like a dove

All the family was there to see you here
You see we never thought of anything less than perfect my dear
So we brought you home to start our new life
With you, me, daddy, mamaw, nanny and papaw too

Mimi, grandad, aunts and uncles as well
We were all happy as anyone could tell
You walked, you crawled, just as normal as could be
I thought wait till he talks, he'll be all that we see

But my little man that day has not yet come
You turned two in January and mommy still hasn't heard
But I will keep waiting and never give up on you
You’re in therapy now and doing so well

I will give you all I have and that I will swear
No matter what path God gives you
I love you and will walk right beside you on that path too

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