My Name Is Jackson

by Sharon

People may not understand me or why I act a certain way.

I may get upset over silly things, some people might say.
I look like any other boy, sometimes happy and sometimes sad.
But I can’t control my actions when I become anxious or mad.

I enjoy going to the park and playing with my toys.
Sometimes I get scared and cover my ears
when there’s too much noise.
I am fascinated with numbers and letters too.
I constantly ask questions like why, where and who?

I find it hard to sit still. I like to run around a lot.
And other times I just want to be alone in my own secret spot.

Sometimes I find it hard to concentrate and do what I am told.
But I mean no harm; I have a heart of gold.

My mum and dad love me endlessly. I fill their hearts with joy.
Each and every day they remind me, I am an amazing little boy.

Don’t be scared when I get upset; and please don’t stare.
It makes me feel worse. Don’t think I am unaware.

I’m just a little boy who looks at the world differently than you do.
I have autism, but I have a big heart and I have feelings too.

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