My Son, My Hero

by Kimberly Vera
(Fred, VA)

I have a hero who isn't made famous or make believe.

I have a hero who means the world to me.
My hero is tall and so handsome with a funny sense of humor.
He is strong and grateful for all things
even though he has so much to endure.
My hero is strong, much stronger than I will ever be.
He melts my heart with his big bear hugs
when he tells me that he loves me.
He has dreams to be a husband and father
one day, as well as a maintance man.
When he is doubting himself he asks me,
"Mommy will my dreams ever come true?"
And I answer him "Ethan, of course they can."
For I know my son is capable of anything
that he sets his strong mind to.
My hero. My son has a battle every day with autism.
He can do whatever he strives to do.
When I was pregnat I always thought that I would be my children's hero
not the other way around.
But on the day my Ethan was born a hero is what I found.

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