My Sunshine

by Brooke Texeira
(Fall River, Ma )

Throughout all my childhood years I anticipated.

The day he was born I was animated.
I was very proud to exhibit his picture
Wherever I went.
My classmates pondered our resemblance.
One said "He isn't real, just half."
Hearing this made me pop my lid.
I didn't care what others said.
Our love was as real as I had dreamt.
My little angel, heaven sent.

He was always very sick.
Our family made sure he was nice and thick.
He gradually made less eye contact.
There was less and less communicating.
So, we tried re-educating.

So many doctor offices is where we had traveled
And soon a mystery had unraveled.
Our first reaction was to weep
We were sure he would never leap.
They told us there was no cure. We said What??

We felt very insecure.
My family felt very alone.
Why him? Why not Tyrone?
We started to research, nothing made sense.
Might as well have been written in French.
Giving up was never a choice.
We came together in prayer.
My family's love for him was like air.

Work, Work, Work,
These seemed to be the only words Nick heard.
However, we did always let fun occur.
Nick faces many obstacles.
But never gives up.
He is my brother
My ray of sunshine
My vision of hope........

Love, your sister Brooke Texeira

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