No Apologies

by Gerard Sentochnik
(Islip, NY)

His teacher is so nice

the patience she has...
and his aides are great
so helpful and good.

His speech therapist
exudes much enthusiasm
and the occupational therapist
working with him to no end.

The social worker is a charm
taking care of all those details
and the behaviorist helps him so much
to manage in his alien world.

The countless parents
that I have met throughout his
ordeal and how we shared
experiences and heartbreak
and most profoundly...the pain

These people are angels...all of them
hearts of gold, and I am so glad
they are here living at the same time
as my son who needs their help so desperately

But with no apologies needed
I have one wish, and that wish
is that I never met any of you!
That I never knew your names
or saw your faces or shook your hand.
For this would mean that my beautiful
boy never needed to meet you too.

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