Non-Stare Day

by Vicky Unsworth
(Leigh, UK)

For my special son, Kian

I'll tell you Kian what I'm going to do,
I'm going to make a day for me and you.
This day I'll call non-stare day
and it will be just for me and you.
Where you can play freely and do just what you want to do.

You will be able to play freely without the stares and frowns,
to be told how wonderful you really are
without people putting you down.

You will not have to bear the tut's
because you choose to be loud,
with your dinosaur roar that you like to do
that has others turning round.

Yes I think I'll make a non-stare day just for you and me.
Where you can jump and scream and run with no one
to moan about what you have done.

You can run around and be an aeroplane zooming
through the sky, and I won’t have to feel the
shame from all the passers by.

A non-stare day sounds like a great idea, with
no one around to stare and jeer.

With no one to stare or gasp or to give their
opinions that I did not ask for.
To be told your child is so naughty or that
I should of fetched you up properly.

So home we go where the my tears can flow for you
my son. I love you so.

So on our special non-stare day, which is
just for you and me, you will not be judged
in anyway, you will be happy and free.

You see my little precious son what others
cannot see, you have a thing called autism
that stops you being free.

There is no cure, nothing we can do.
I'd sell my soul for it go,
but we've been told this is'nt so.

So what we'll do instead until people understand,
we will have a non-stare day
just like we have planned.

I love you more than you will ever know!
Love forever, Mum

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