Nothing Bullies Past!

by Kirsty Louise Crack
( Northamptonshire, Kettering, UK)

I want to scream, shout - anything but nothing at all will come out!

I push it all deep inside so secretely, it can hide
The hurt and pain - again, again!
I don't want this to be true!
And me feeling the way in which I do
I am so very confused
Frustrated it's so complicated
In which it seems!
The unrecognized years
But the fear and anger I feel
Is nothing but one "huge" thing
But real!
The past is like a shard of broken glass
- slitherly and slimey
- dirty and grimey!
Hurt continues on and one
'Til loves no more but hate!
Got stranded, forgotten - got no mates!
But bullies, cowards - go ahead...
The life I had
The life I was so glad to once and for all leave behind
Or I thought it did...!
'Till I could not trust no more
All I wanted was to walk out the door!
I gave up said no more!
I found out I have a condition called "AS"
And know and think I do try to be the best!
Like all the rest!
But I can't!
I find it so hard
To keep same distance
Within a yard!
AS wouldn't have it
Neither would the past!
I have to admit
To know in my mind
This will always last!
The "strong" feelings I feel
And know now forever will!

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