What is OPTS or Options for People Through Services?

ATTENTION: New York State no longer participates in the OPTS program

OPTS or Options for People Through Services is a unique funding source through which the New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities is able to offer a wide range of options that promote inclusion and personal choice. In 2004 OPTS began to offer greater flexibility and opportunity for efficient and effective use of program funding.

The goal of the OPTS project is to structure the delivery of services system to promote and encourage choice and a person-centered approach to provide those services and supports.

The project is designed to offer more choices for persons with developmental disabilities of any age, families and advocates to form a partnership with agencies and community businesses to promote opportunities from which everyone can benefit.

To learn more about OPTS review the "How To" Guidebook for Parents and Family Members". The OPTS "How To" Guidebook is intended to provide families with an overview of the NYS Options for People Through Services initiative.

The OPTS Guidebook provides information about the program's guiding principles, information on how to develop an OPTS proposal, evaluation requirements and general requirements for potential proposals.

The General Brochure provides basic information about OPTS to the general public, and should be a great resource for an introduction to people who are interested in learning about this innovative program.

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