Our Own Tracks

by Rochelle Nguyen
(Portland, OR)

In such an instant

The meaning of life
Was never so present
Till you were born on that night

So grateful for fires
That mold and refine
To prepare me for
My child so divine

My dear baby boy
Would have a battle to face
Not like most children
This will be our own race

As I see others move forward
We slowly fall back
Much like the trains you cherish
We follow our own track

Reading, researching,
Advocating, expense,
Guilt, misunderstood, fear,
Hope, faith, love then sense

Once 1 in 150
Now 1 in 110
These figures keep rising
When will answers come to lend

The judging eyes of young and old
Spectators always stare
Train please! Cookie please! Go Play!
As if we weren’t aware

Here I sit on the floor
Of the store alone now with you
The tears that you shed
Are the tears I shed too

Unless you’ve walked in my shoes
Danced in my rain
Cried my tears
You won’t know my pain

All my words are intentful
Each moment an opportunity
Every second of your day
We incorporate therapy

For my lifetime and yours
Let me take this journey with you
Dr. Seuss was so right
“No ones youer than you”

No matter how many times you ask
Each night I will read to you
“Mama Do You Love Me?”
Because my dear one, I do!

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