Our Ray Of Sunshine

by Judy
(Ridgeland Miss)



You came into our lives as a ray of sun.

A big smile that said I love you
And knew we were meant for each other.
Did not know what laid ahead of this journey
But you knew we would be the ones
To see you through this battle of autism.
We will never leave you.
We will be your voice when you can't express your wants.
Even though the storm rages inside of you
Tthere is still a ray of sunshine all aruond you.
You touch so many lives of others in your special way.
Never a dull moment in your day.
You have pain but there is gain thru this journey.
Yes. You are a Ray of Sunshine in our lives.
No matter what the future holds.
We will walk beside you .
You are a very special boy that God made .
The Only Battles You Lose Are The Ones You Give Up On.
No We want Give Up on Our Ray Of SunShine.

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