Ryan's World

by Sarah Jefferies

Most days we try and walk to school

The route does vary but only one is cool
He likes it when we walk through the church yard
Although mum always needs to be on her guard

Ryan likes to hide or try and run
He does not listen he's having so much fun

The bumpy way we have to go
I don’t want to, I tell him so
He screams and hits and throws himself on the floor
Every day it’s such a bore

The only thing that makes Ryan happy
Is when the chimney smoke is out and ready
To puff the steam on the cold winter morning
It looks like a train chugging, steam roaring

Trains are what make Ryan so glad
When we leave his eyes make my heart feel so sad
“It’s ok” says mum as she wipes a tear away
He is autistic and we love him that way

When we stay at home for the day
Ryan likes a different kind of play
Instead of drawing or hide and seek
He likes to run, spin and shriek

He punches and kicks and holds me tight
Sometimes he jumps from up high to give mum a fright
When something does not go Ryan’s way
He cries and hits me and stands and sways

At five o’clock dinner time comes around
He is rude and makes disgusting sounds
At bath time Ryan likes it all to himself
But if I’m around he tries something else
He tastes the water and licks my back
The bubbles dancing ready for attack
At bedtime he shies away from hugs
Although he likes to be wrapped up nice and snug

"It’s not Ryan’s fault” mum turns to say
He is autistic and we love him that way

At the supermarket people stop and stare
All through the aisles without a care
Ryan screeches “woo-woo” at the top of his voice
As angry customers wince and alter their choice

He rushes here, he rushes there
Unsatisfied and so unaware
He crashes into a rolling trolley
Does not think to stop and say sorry

Mum’s face grows very sad
Although she never really gets that mad
Off the shelf Ryan picks his normal milk
But first he licks it to make sure it’s not spilt

“It’s not Ryan’s” fault I hear her say
Ryan’s autistic and we love him that way

On the bus a rare treat today
Ryan screams and shouts hooray
He gallops to his favourite seat
Barging passengers who slowly retreat

He loves to whistle and scream and call
Licking the window dirt and all
Ryan’s having fun as passengers stare
But this is Ryan’s world without a care
As old ladies and young men too
Shake their heads what is mum meant to do

“It’s not Ryan’s fault” I hear her say
Ryan’s autistic and we love him that way

So next time you see a child walking by
Don’t stop or stare or question why
While these glances may pass Ryan by
Others simply may make him cry

I love my brother he is special to me
So I will keep giving cuddles or just let him be.

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