Self-Advocacy in Autism

Self-Advocacy. Parents are their children's best advocate. However, it is very important for able persons with autism and other developmental disabilities to learn how to advocate for themselves and become self-advocates. Learning to speak up for yourself is generally a learning process over time.

"Self-Advocacy... is speaking up for yourself. It is making your own choices in life, big and small. It is learning about your rights and responsibilities. It is living the way you want to, and respecting the right of others to do the same."

Self-Advocacy Association

Self-Advocacy Resources

Self-Advocacy Association of New York offers support, information and resources to self-advocates.

AmeriCorps is a national organization that assists people with developmental disabilities to become full and valued members of their communities.

Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered is another national organization.

People First of Alaska

People First of Illinois

Kentucky Self-Advocates for Freedom (KYSAFF )

These self-advocacy organizations are committed to making sure that both children and adults with autism and other disabilities have opportunities to make decisions, speak for themselves and to have a chance to control their lives as much as anyone.

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