Tips On Sharing Concerns
With Physician

Sharing Concerns. Are you concerned about your child's development or behavior? Do you suspect that your child may be on the Autism Spectrum?

According to First Signs, parents often have a difficult time sharing concerns about their child. The following outlines four crucial steps to follow with your child’s physician, and highlights the importance of a patient but persistent approach.

  • Be prepared
  • Express your concerns clearly
  • Ask questions
  • Follow up

Tips On Sharing Concerns
With Professionals

For a written script on what to say to your child's physician, early intervention, local elementary school or board of education, and more useful tips on sharing concerns about a child’s development, click here.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that you can help your child’s development even while you are waiting to see a specialist or for the evaluation through the state’s public systems. Interact with your child as much as possible.

Read books, sing songs, play with toys, make crafts, do household chores, and play outside together. Talk to your child: label items, point out interesting things, tell stories, comment about what you see and how you feel, explain how things work and why things happen. Your child may not seem to be listening, but he or she may be hearing more than you think.

For more tips on ways to make the most of playtime visit

Call the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities at 1 (800) 695-0285 and request a developmental evaluation in your area.

Below is a list of specialists, namely Pediatric Neurologists and Developmental Specialists, recommended to us by parents and professionals in the mid-Hudson Valley area in New York. If you'd like to include a specialist's name here, please contact us.


Dr. Martin Kutcher
914 232-1810

Dr. Shirley Fisch
212 342-6867

Dr. William Levinoson
Neurologist, Developmental Pediatrician
914 594-3262

Dr. Ronald Jacobson
866 289-4595

Developmental Pediatrician
Dr. Glen Belkin
Developmental Pediatrician
914 594-3262

Dr. Mark Bertin
914 493-1065

Dr. Steven Cowan-Croton
914 271-2424

Dr. Diane Cicatello
845 452-1700

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