She Wouldn't Be Abby

by Lindsay
(San Bernardino, CA)

Who would this child be, if not from the start

Her quiet smile and sparkling eyes held no clue to her secret
As she grew and no one still knew
Who would she be, if not Abby?

So, fear turned to truth. The journey began
And all of her trust she placed in my hand
As we walked day by day, in a new world of "Abby"

Now, as the years have brought knowledge and strength
Who would this child be, if "normal" she claimed?
For Abby says "lines" from the moment she wakes
Till her eyes close at night, her own world she creates

A world mostly fantasy, magical bliss
Yet the real world she cannot often tolerate this
Her costumes and rituals all with such glee
And joy that a person not often will see
In "normal"

So, again, I would ask one more time, though I know
Who would this child be that God loaned below?
For perfection is of heaven, and while we roam earth
Who would this child be, if "normal" from birth
I know not who that may be, it is true, but
She wouldn't be Abby
I'm blessed to tell you.

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