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  • Help Your Child With Autism Reach Their Full Potential

  • A child with autism can get their needs met... from Preschool to Adult Services.

    About Us

  • About Us... Credible autism information helps a child across their lifespan
  • Child Autism Blog

  • Child with Autism Blog

  • Stay informed by our unique Child with Autism Blog of news, practical tips, announcements, special postings or some of our pages worth pointing out that you might otherwise miss.

    Autism Information

  • Information on autism: An Overview

  • Basic information on autism which every parent and caregiver should know.


  • Please Make A Donation To Help Us Stay Online

  • Please make a donation to Child-Autism-Parent-Cafe.Com. Help us continue to share ideas for an ASD Action Plan, spread awareness about serious issues affecting African Americans with autism and provide support and community outreach to underserved families.

    Adults with Autism

  • Adults with Autism

  • Adults with autism information, research, living arrangements, day programs and services, resources and practical books to help you prepare for daily and future planning.

    Autism Screening

  • The Importance of Early Developmental Screening

  • Learn to recognize the important milestones your child should gain, like how she plays, learns, speaks and acts, and list of diagnostic tools used for autism screening and resources.

    Blacks and Autism

  • African Americans and Autism

  • Information, research and resources specifically related to African Americans and autism.

    Autism Education

  • Autism Education Programs And Current Interventions

  • For children with autism, education is used as the first line of defense in treatment of ASD.

    Autism Schools

  • Autism Schools Offering ABA In The U.S.

  • Autism schools designed for students on the spectrum and offer ABA as a primary intervention.

    Autism Camps

  • Autism Camps And Tips For Structure And Summer Fun!

  • List of autism camps with tips and ideas to help an autistic child enjoy a structured day and summer fun experience -- just like her siblings and classmates.

    Autism Medication

  • List of Autism Medication for Children

  • List of drugs or autism medication commonly used to treat certain symptoms in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

    Autism Treatment

  • Autism Treatment Options

  • An overview of autism treatment options and biomedical basics for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

    Autism and Diet

  • Autism and Diet Information & Resources

  • Autism and Diet information on Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diet, Special Carbohydrate Diet, Feingold Diet etc..

    ASD Action Plan

  • Ideas to Help You Create an Autism Action Plan for Your Child

  • Information and resources to help you create an autism action plan for your child or loved one.

    Coping with Autism

  • Coping: How to deal with the stress on families

  • Information, resources and tips on how to deal with the stress on families.

    Visual Schedules

  • Samples of Visual Schedules for Autistic Children

  • Samples of visual schedules for autistic children who learn best by what they see are useful to help us get ideas on how to make individualized picture schedules for any occasion.

    Autism Resources Directory

  • National and Local Autism Resources

  • Autism Resources Directory provides links to national organizations and local parent groups for advocacy, assistance and support related to autism spectrum disorders.

    Autism Awareness

  • Help Spread Autism Awareness

  • Information and ideas to help inform the public about autism awareness.

    Autism Social Stories

  • Autism Social Stories: Help Advance Your Child's Learning, Understanding Of Social Situations And Replace Problem Behavior

  • An autism social story can help advance your child's learning and understanding of social situations or change problem behavior. Learn how and why to write a social story for your child.

    Autistic Siblings

  • Our Autistic Siblings Page

  • Information and ideas to help siblings cope and talk honestly about how autism affects our lives both now and in the future.

    Autism Products

  • Autism Products

  • Looking for great autism merchandise? Support autism awareness with these great autism products.

    Autism Toys

  • Autism Toys

  • Are you looking for fun autism products for an autistic child in your life? Then you will love these autism toys.

    Autism Books

  • Recommended Autism Books For Your Home Library

  • Practical and useful autism books for your home library.

    Famous Autistics

  • Famous People With Autism

  • List of famous people with autism, some with unspecified forms, high-functioning, autistic savants and severe autism.

    Autism Poems

  • Motivating and Inspiring Autism Poems

  • Motivating, inspiring and emotionally moving autism poems written by parent authors and others who are touched by an exceptional person.

    Autism Articles

  • Autism Articles to Help Us Manage Daily Living with Autism

  • Autism articles providing tips and strategies to help us manage daily living with autism.

    Autism Videos

  • Autism Videos

  • Our playlist of Autism Videos you may find informative, inspiring and uplifting for those of us who are touched by Autism Spectrum Disorders.


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