Social Story to School and to Home

This social story to school and to home was written for our young loved one with autism to help teach him bus safety rules and what to expect before, during and after his ride to school.

MJ Rides the Bus Safely

Text Photo
I take the bus to school every day. Bus
My daddy brings me to the bus and says “Have a good day in school.” Daddy waving goodbye
I say “hi” to Anne and get on the bus. Driver at wheel
Daddy helps me put on my seat belt. Daddy fastening seat belt
My seat belt helps me stay safe on the bus. MJ in harness
When my seat belt is on, Barbara gives me my special bus toy. MJ with special toy
I can also listen to music on the bus. Picture of CD player
I can ride the bus to school safely, keeping my hands and voice quiet. MJ riding bus safely
When I get to school, I get a star for riding the bus safely. Star on card
An aide helps me get on and off the bus. Aide at the bus
I show my teacher my star for being safe on the bus. Teacher seeing card
My teachers are very proud of me. Teacher giving MJ high five
I can play a special game or sing because I have earned a star for good bus behavior. I am happy that I had a safe bus ride.

Social stories are easy to learn to write and can be a fun project, as well as a powerful teaching tool for a young child, adolescent or adult with autism. Learn how to write social stories for your child.

If you'd like to use or personalize your own pre-written story, Carol Gray offers about 100 social stories with illustrations in 13 different categories. Click here for more prewritten stories like social stories to school and to home.

Autism social stories may also help your child learn daily living activities i.e. brushing your teeth, and taking a bath.

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