by Skye

Sometimes I look at my brother and it makes me sad,

As I realize all of the things he has never had

Sometimes I feel guilty that it is him and not me,
And I wonder for him how it must be,

Sometimes I really worry about what the future will bring,
And how well I will be able to look after him,

Sometimes it hurts to imagine how my parents must feel,
I know that their pain will never be able to heal

Sometimes I feel lonely when I know my friends don't understand,
I just want them to hug me and acknowledge
That it does make me feel really sad

Then sometimes I feel lucky,
For when he makes progress my heart lifts
In a way that truly is impossible to say,
A feeling that can only happen to those
Who have a sibling who is the same way

Sometimes everything he says brightens up my day,
He makes me laugh and he makes me cry
And sometimes I don't even know why

But what I do know, not just sometimes but always,
Is that in the end everything will be okay
And that I love him in every single possible way.

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