by Meshell

In the face of unexpected news

You held onto my hand
Prayed with me when no other words could be said
Unaware of how autism could change a family’s life
You stepped in wearing a great “S” on your chest
To save the day.

At times I have been the villain
And we arch enemies when it
Comes to his well-being,
Yet in the face of a storm we band together
Side by side prepared for whatever comes our way.
Although we believed our differences for son would tear us apart.
Our son was always the blessing that kept our marriage at heart.

Our son can say he loves us
That was something we guessed he’d never say
Our son can wrap his arms around us
This is a complete shock for you and me
Our son can clap his hands to music
What a miracle we witnessed together

I love you for being our superhero
Every child should have a father like you
I love that you continue to fight for his services
On days I lack the strength to.
“Superman” is who you are to us
A wonderful husband you are to me.

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