by Kirst Lou Crack
(Kettering Northants, UK)

A lot people have helped me

In many ways
Guiding me to the way

I don't know what is called "surviving"
The love and care that everyone has shown
So much throughout my life
Causing me to get on and lead the normal life

It's thanks to them
That I am who I am
And for that I'm grateful -- truly I am
I can't repay them or love them enough

I've been through a lot in my life
And came out the other side
Yes, please look now, for I've survived

The Real Deal

By Kirst Lou Crack (Kettering Northants, UK)

Why do I feel bad?
Then comes mad and sad

It makes me feel like everyday crime
Is like pay back time

But I feel scared, trapped
Do you think anyone cares?

I never feel good enough
To beat the desperate fight of defeat

Lose then cruise
Then trip then grip

Catches up though
Hurts then hides away
What more do I have to say or do?
To make these things come true

Freak out, cause my head to panic, shout
This causes me to then think its the real deal.

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