Team Ava

by Laurie

Our baby girl

Our baby girl

Our S.O.S. has gone unanswered for too long.
We are stranded.
Searching the horizon for help that will never arrive.
There is no help coming.
No rescue ship.
No troops deployed.
We will not be liberated.

Redeemed. Salvaged. Extracted.
Alone on our island, our small family.
We are it. We are the army. We are the warriors.
Autism vs. Us.

We need to stop looking for the savior outside of ourselves.
We have God of course,
But he’s currently preoccupied with other dramas.
He can’t help with the daily biting, hair pulling, tantrum,
poopy diaper, eating everything in sight,
small potato problems of Autism.

Time to gather my troops.
Andy, Drew, and Ava.
Rally cries. Warrior whoops. High fives.
We are it. We need to begin.
I need to stop relying on others.
Start counting on us.
My team.
We are it.

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