Thank You, Father God

by Yolanda R.
(Worchester, MA)

"Healthy, gorgeous boy," everybody told me.

I named him Jayden, the light of my eyes, the smaller of the two.
He has a big brother, Brian. He's pretty awesome too.

I noticed Jayden jumping profusely in his crib at five-months-old.
Boy, he would go for hours!
He ended up with his hips a little sore on the inside.
And he had trouble walking after that.
But later on, in no time, he was back to jumping.

I love him.
Now, he doesn’t talk and his communication is very, very poor.
But with the trouble he stirs up, I don’t know man, ha ha.
Sometimes I feel like he's your normal two-year-old, its awesome!

I thank you God, for my little man's steps.
And the small gesture he makes as I get to see him inside himself.
At least to take a peek, and he sees me.

I thank you God that my kids, and especially Jayden, have not had a night in a hospital.
For I feel you taking care of them.

I only want my son to call me Ma, something so short? Please?
That would great. I'll try and handle the rest.

Thank you for absolutely everything.
My son is truly a gift!

A special note to mothers from this author:
Blessed are you mothers like me. These kids teach us so much, outweighing their disability. Love them with a passion greater than the solar system! They're truly angels.

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