The Dandelion Child

by Tina Crain
(Kane, IL)

Chris and Andrew, my autistic sons

Chris and Andrew, my autistic sons

Children come with many different looks,

the color of their hair, eyes, and skin,
but I think it is time, that we took
to try to see what's really within.

They have ratings, severe, moderate and mild,
now I'm talking about the dandelion child,
It's the name I call the children of mine,
let me explain and I'll try to define.

The dandelion child is one you probably know,
the one who is different in the way they grow.
Maybe at first look a normal child you see,
but all of a sudden a little brat becomes he.

Though to no fault of his own
has caused this tantrum that he's thrown.
The problem comes within his brain
not because he was not properly trained.

It's a lifelong development disability,
they call it autism and PDD.
It can effect any of our kids,
but to what degree that's usually hid.

Maybe this child can not speak
or maybe just his socializing is weak.
It is time we take another look around
and where I start is at the ground.

The grass is green, pretty flowers all about,
and then those darn dandelions pop out.
Some will do anything to get them gone,
but it's to the dandelion my eyes are drawn.

I see my boys when I look at them,
not a single leaf on their stem.
Plain and simple as they can be,
and this disorder, it's spreading rapidly.

They get picked on year after year,
but the facts still remain unclear.
What their future holds I sometimes dread,
the wind blows the dandelions spread.

written by Tina Crain aka autiepoet

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