The Legendary Graduate

by Joseph D. Smith
(Glasgow, KY)

Hello, my name is Joseph D. Smith, and I have Asperger Syndrome. To make things interesting, I have published a book titled [he Legendary Graduate, which I wrote in 2010.l

The name comes from my own special graduation ceremony hosted by the Hon. Philip Patton, where I had a victory medal presented to me by the then Barren County Sheriff!

When I was little a nurse told my dad that I wouldn't make it into school, but I proved her wrong when I actually graduated! School was a living nightmare, like she said it would be, but I feel good now that I have graduated, and I have always wanted a medal of my own.

My sister, Wendy, is low-functioning autistic, and I love her to death. She is a very intelligent person, despite her complications! I wanted her to come to my graduation, as she couldn't handle big crowds. Wendy was so happy, and I was glad that she came, it made my world shine!

The medal reads on the back: "To Joseph, from those who believed you could." Then when I wrote my book, I dedicated it: "From Joseph, to those who believed I could"!

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