The Unheard Song

by James

Sometimes I feel like I'm singing an endless song

The one that won't be over and seems too long
The one nobody wants to listen to and changes the station
The one that gives me that sweet sensation

I feel like I'm dancing to an endless beat
The one that tells me to just be me
Tingles in my fingers, tingles in my toes
They're the ones who just let it go

I'm not usually the smartest person in the world
In big crowds I'm the one who wants to hurl
I can't stare at a light
I'll hold up a fight

I know I can't control it but sometimes I want to
Would you want to control it if it were you?
I feel like an outcast and don't like standing out
Sometimes I can't help it and cry out

It's just as common as racism
It's called autism
The one who makes me mad
Maybe one day I can live and be glad

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