The World of Autism
and Neurotypicality

by DeUndrae
(United States)

Balloon Bell Flower

Balloon Bell Flower

One looks at me,

Watches me,
And I sit alone in a corner
Or gaze away from the eye
He goes to a large crowd,
Attends an elegant party,
And he notices me,
His face twisting like an ugly fruit
I clasp my ears,
Maybe scream
He laughs, wondering,
Or sympathizes me, saying,
“Poor boy.
I hope he’s okay.
Did he learn any social skills?
My boy would never do that.”

And he struts away
Thinking he’s lucky,
Or he goes to his friends
To talk about the day
But he observed my outside,
My symptoms,
For if he dived into my heart
Or have gotten to know me,
My world,
My mind
Would shower blessings upon him,
Even inspire him.

View my autism
View my Asperger’s Syndrome
As a gift from God
Not one with natural selection.
Watch me imagine
Watch me craft
An ancient land
Filled with humanoid creatures with squirrel ears and tails.

Observe as I solve
Tangrams or a Lonpos problem
My fruit blossoms
My wisdom enlightens
And mankind shall pick
To share with every culture,
Not just my own
My world blossoms,
Never forgotten
And surely never dead
A creation of God
His masterpiece
Meant to be blessed
For everything he makes is good.

Don’t shun it
For my world is beautiful
Though strange,
Even eccentric to you
And an autistic world sprouts balloon-bell flowers
Whereas yours, roses.
But my flower radiates
As bright as your flowers
Though different
But when mingled together,
Yours and mines,
Our world completes God’s test,
Bears Aphrodite’s beauty,
Achieving peace
And inspiring others.

We need each other
Our imagination
Our smarts
And God wouldn’t have it any other way,
For we’re Iris and Colonel
Designed to be one,
Not Mega Man and Bass
Blasting each other with our busters.

Join my World of Autism
And be enlightened by its ingenuity
We’ll connect
To be the perfect Reploid
Never to be destroyed
And never to turn maverick.

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