Through The Eyes Of A
Special Needs Child

S  -   Spend time getting to know me

P-   Please be patient with me. I may not be able to do the things your child can.

E  -   Enjoy learning about what I have and what is wrong with me so that you will understand.

C  -   Care about what my parents tell you about how I communicate.

I  -   Imagine if your child had problems then realize what my parents feel.

A -  Always be kind to people who are disabled. We are just like you, with things that didn't develop right or because of an accident.

L -   Listen to me, I may be hard to understand but if you take the time you can understand me. Learning is very hard for me. I may not be at my age level.

N  -   Never blame my parents they didn't do anything wrong they didn't cause me to be this way.

E  -   Encourage my parents they need it.

E  -  Entertain me, so that my parents can have a night off.

D -   Distraction is part of my life daily. I'm on the go all the time. I never slow down. I get into everything and time out doesn't work with me. Because I can't sit still. I try, but I can't.

S  -   Screaming is what I do when I can't handle what is going on around me, and I get upset because I want to tell you what is wrong but I can’t.

C  -  Communication is very hard for me. I may use sign language, gestures, words, communication boards, and time line boards.

H  -  Helping me understand input is part of my parent's lives 24-hours a day.

I  -  Imagine not being able to hug your child, even though your child wants to be hugged. But your child can't handle it. Sometimes hugs hurt and sometimes they don't.

L  -  Lights sometimes cause me to act up very badly. But once the lights are out, I'm able to calm down, and I am good. The lights were too much input for my brain to understand it all.

D  -  Disabled means doing something different then someone else, sometimes with aid, sometimes with special equipment, and sometimes with therapy.

by Bea Rosencutter, mother of two very special children

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