Tough Guy Camp

One afternoon during lunch, our loved one's young nephew learned his Uncle MJ would be going to an autism sleep-away camp during the summer. He knew all about sleep-away camp from watching cartoons.

MJ's nephew asked him, "Are you going to sleep-away camp?" To which MJ only replied with a look meaning, "I guess so." The next thing his nephew said came as a surprise, "You've got to be a 'tough guy' to survive at sleep-away camp, MJ!"

This comment was met with a look of resignation and fear.

The good news is MJ not only survived autism camp, he had a great time! And so, this song was born during music class at school. His class sang this song, along with other original lyrics written by classmates at their annual assembly performance.

Tough Guy Camp

Lyrics by MJ Brown

Went to tough guy camp last summer and I lifted weights.
Went swimming in the tough guy pool.
I was so cool.

I woke up and brushed my teeth.
Drank a raw egg.
Took a shower and washed the egg off.
Started exercising, doing 100 push-ups 100 times. Phew!
Then I climbed under barbed wire.
I was on fire.

Repeat 2 Times

When camp was through there was nothing left to do
But admire my muscles at the tough guy camp.

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