Apply to VESID for
Vocational Services

1. What is VESID?

VESID or the Office of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities, is part of the New York State Education Department. We are here to help people with disabilities, who are eligible for vocational rehabilitation services, prepare for, find and keep suitable employment.

2. Who is eligible for VESID?

An eligible individual is a person who has a physical and/or mental impairment which substantially impeded their ability to enter, retain or regain employment and who requires VESID services to achieve employment. A VESID counselor makes the determination of eligibility.

3. What are transition services?

According to Federal and State requirements and Article 89 of the New York State Education Law, transition services are a coordinated set of activities which are designed to prepare a student for the transition from high school to adult services. The student may require post-secondary education, employment counseling, vocational training, or job placement services to achieve an employment outcome. Specific services for each student are based on the student's individual needs, preferences, interests and resources.

4. When is a referral to VESID made?

VESID recommends that the school refer a student to VESID when they are within two years of graduation or aging out. VESID will coordinate activities with the school districts designated Transition Liaison to promote school to work activities.

5. How does a student become involved with VESID?

Attend an information given by VESID at the school or at the VESID office. At this meeting you will learn more about VESID and can start the application process. The school Transition Coordinator will then work with you to gather required medical and school records and coordinates a referral to VESID. Once the application and required information has been received by VESID, a VESID counselor will meet with you and the student to discuss the students' specific situation and begin transition planning.

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